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Dental fillings in Peekskill

Peekskill dentist
Peekskill dentist

Although cavities are a rather common condition of the teeth a Peekskill dentist cavity treatment is serious business for our Montrose Dental Associates practice. If left untreated the decay can cause pain, infection, an abscess, gum disease or invade the pulp and eventually cause tooth loss. Our dentist will clean out the infected and decayed portion of the tooth and fill the remaining space to seal it to keep further decay out and provide a support structure for the remaining portion of the tooth.

The major material used in dental fillings for the past century is the amalgam, which is a combination of metals. Despite the presence of mercury in amalgam fillings, it is considered after decades of use and research to be safe since the mercury is stabilized by the other components. The amalgam’s strength makes it ideal for use in high pressure chewing areas, particularly in the molars at the back of the jaw. Some people would rather not have mercury inside their teeth and object to the dark spots that sometimes occur with amalgam fillings. A different Peekskill dentist cavity treatment is a composite filling, which is a tooth colored filling that is used to repair a tooth that has been affected by decay. The filling is the same color as the tooth so there is no dark silvery area showing through the sides of the tooth and it looks uniform in color when viewed from the top.

Composite fillings have become very popular and reportedly are now the second most used filling material after the traditional silver amalgam. Composite fillings are very durable and will last many years but as with any filling may have to be replaced over time, they tend to be more successful for areas that don’t have heavy chewing force such as the front teeth. Our Peekskill dentist cavity treatment options also offers porcelain fillings that are the color of the tooth so that they do not stand out when you smile or open your mouth. Make an appointment for a consultation with our doctor.

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