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Fluoride in Peekskill

Fluoride is a word you hear a lot when it comes to oral health. But what is it exactly, what role does it play in the maintenance of your teeth, and where can you get enough of it to make a difference? Here at Montrose Dental Associates, fluoride is an essential component of preventive care.

Let’s start with the fact that fluoride is natural. It’s a mineral that has proven positive effects on your tooth enamel, strengthening it so that you are less prone to tooth decay and the cavities that result. Many commercially available toothpastes contain fluoride. Be sure to read labels. Likewise, mouth rinses often have it. And perhaps the most under-recognized source of fluoride is found flowing out of your water tap. Most municipal water supplies have been fluoridated. There are even foods that have some fluoride in them, though they typically don’t contain the amount that you need to get full benefit. Fluoride is especially crucial for children, so that’s why our Peekskill dental office provides fluoride treatments for kids up to the age of 18. It’s all part of your child’s regular six month visit for an examination and cleaning. Tooth enamel is under the threat of dental plaque (and tartar) every single day. And while brushing and flossing are effective in the removal of plaque, only a teeth cleaning at our Peekskill dental office can eliminate tartar. The right amount of fluoride creates an added layer of protection that helps to stave off decay. With fluoride treatments, it is possible to make cavities an infrequent occurrence, and to avoid infections of the tooth and even extractions.

Now that you know all about what fluoride is and what is means to the wellness of your teeth, please contact our Peekskill dental office and set up an appointment for your child to come in for a fluoride treatment. And be sure to get enough for yourself through water, toothpastes, and rinses.

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