Dental plaque in Peekskill

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Peekskill dentist office

At Montrose Dental Associates our Peekskill dentist office can help rid your mouth of dental plaque with a regular cleaning today. We are a 2015 Invisalign preferred provider and a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. Find us on Facebook, Google Plus or WordPress.

Peekskill dentist office

Plaque and tartar form when bacteria in the mouth and foods and sugars form this hardened substance. Plaque can lead to cavities and tooth decay. A cavity forms when the tooth decay has created a small hole in the tooth. Symptoms may run from sensitivity around the area to hot or cold substances to pain, throbbing and swelling of the gums. A cavity is fixed through a procedure called a filling. Plaque is a hard substance that forms on teeth. At your checkup, our Peekskill dentist office will check for any gum disease, cavities or problems with teeth that could be harming your mouth. Finding problems early is the best way to fix or reverse them before they get worse over time. Having an annual dental checkup is important in keeping teeth clean and healthy.

Proper oral hygiene can help to alleviate more mild forms of gingivitis, which can cause gum swelling, soreness and other problems. If gum disease persists, it can damage the bone and tooth. With regular brushing and flossing, over time, plaque and bacteria that contribute to gingivitis begin to be lessened. The mouth reverts back to a healthier state and the gingivitis kept at bay. A deep cleaning is also something we do at our Peekskill dentist office.